Luka R.


So, you’re connected to a server via SSH, doing your wizardry and dark magic. Suddenly, a wild Pidgey appears. Just kidding.

You left the SSH connection opened, and went to grab a cup of coffee, only to come back and find that you can’t do anything with your terminal anymore. Oh noo.. broken pipe, again?? I need to kill this terminal and start new one, because stupid Ctrl + C nor Ctrl + D work.

Hold on for a second. There is no need for that kind of blasphemy. There is a simple and easy way to shut down opened session and get back to your already opened terminal.

How, you say? Use this key combo (in sequence):

Enter + ~ + .

This will shut down the session and let you go back to your old terminal.

To see other available options try this key combo:

Enter + ~ + ?

Not bad, huh?