Search in this category functionality - Magento

Magento search query, when entered in the (template/catalogsearch/ is doing the search on database in Mage_CatalogSearch_Model_Layer:prepareProductCollection().

Sublime Text 2 environment for Magento development

Recently I got a new job (my first real one, actually), and it is revolving around PHP, i.e. Magento development. Before my first day at the job, I was wondering what kind of IDE or text editor should I use and what kind of one my future co-workers use. I emailed them and the response was just as I expected it to be: “full fledged IDEs like eclipse, netbeans or phpStorm”. I have had a lot of previous experience with those environments, mostly doing Java programming, and I was aware of all the bloat they bring. They were slow most of the time, they were laggy and pretty much uneasy to work with. Sure, that was the case on my own machine which is not really a “state of the art”, and I am sure they perform better on more powerful computers.

Simple markdown editor in Ember.js

Recently I have been playing with Ember.js. It is a javascript front-end framework for developing web applications. You can find more details and really thorough guides on their website. As my new blog post, I have decided to create a tutorial for building a simple markdown editor (in ember). Markdown, for those unaware of it, is a simple, lightweight markup language. I use it a lot for my github readme pages. While there are several great applications for editing markdown in real time out there, I thought it would be a good exercise to create one of my own, and since this is really easy to do in ember, I am showing it as a simple tutorial.