Bitcoin for the masses (series of posts)

Recently, my interest in large proportions switched to Bitcoin both from financial and technical standpoint. I’ve been reading a lot on the topic (be it books, forums, reddit discussions, youtube videos, various conference talks etc.). One thing I noticed, and it has been noted many times by many people (and very influential ones) in Bitcoin community, is the difficulty of “getting” the Bitcoin, and understanding what it is from the standpoint of a “regular” human - Homo Domesticus .

Quickly zip or tar a git project

There are times when you need to zip your project, either for backup or whatever. You can always use tar or zip commands. But if you use git as a version control, there is a very simple way to achieve this.

Change Magento 2 admin url

If you’re like me, you probably just fly through the Magento 2 installation, without actually reading anything. Usually, this is not an issue (especially if you’ve done it several times), but recently Magento has an addition with creating an administration url.