Make immutable objects in javascript

Cool thing I ran into when watching Douglas Crockford’s talk on Javascript: the good parts was a different way of creating objects, with lot more options than usual way I was doing it. More specifically, I found it interesting to see that we can set certain properties as non-writeable ie. immutable.

Reindex manually in Magento 2

Maybe you’ve noticed that Magento 2 does not allow you to reindex data from the administration side. Additionally, there is no script called ‘indexer.php’ or something like that, that you would usually call. How do you reindex manually then? Use magento command line tool:

Create a coupon page in Magento

Wouldn’t it be great if you could show all your coupons to customers on one page? This way they would know where to search for the coupons, and coupons would come from a reliable source - you. Also, you could advertise this page and get more customers to sign up because, well, you offer coupons only for registered customers. ^^ How would we go about doing something like this?