X-Cart to Magento: Customers

At times there is a need to switch the eCommerce platform you are working on. Reasons for this can be numerous. Your existing platform might be outdated, might be without any future improvements coming up, you might have heard great things about some other platform or simply you are not satisfied with the way your current platform works and behaves. Nevertheless, you’ve decided to do the switch. It is not an easy task to do because, in almost every case, platforms are not compatible with each other and in order to keep all of the data from previous platform (like your customers, orders, reviews etc.), some changes have to be performed on the data.

Add custom attributes to magento SOAP API v1 and v2

Sometimes a need arises for you to add additional attributes to the standard Magento API responses. While doing this in Mageno API v1 is fairly easy, as you will see soon, the v2 has some quirks that had to be found out the hard way, unfortunately. So in order for this to not happen again, here is the explanation. I will assume you already have your API roles set up, and you can invoke Magento API and get responses.

Block caching in Magento

Everyone knows what a caching is, but to put it simply, it is a mechanism to store (save) data that is frequently accessed but rarely changed in order to have a faster response time.

Show products on transactional emails in magento

One of the requirements from clients will likely be to change transactional emails. Whether they want to add some styling or add new informations, you will have to change the default emails. Sometimes the requirement involves showing products on emails, to increase marketing and in extend revenue.